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News Media Takes The “Birther” Issue Seriously — Sometimes.

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I’m surprised that the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate continues to draw serious attention, more than two years into his presidency.

And yet, Jerome Corsi’s Where’s the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President rose to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list this week. Right or wrong, a lot of people want to hear and read more about this issue.

Donald Trump, considering a possible Presidential run, continues to draw attention to the fact that President Obama has chosen not to release a long-form birth certificate that proves that he was born in Hawaii.

The news media usually dismisses these so-called “birthers” as being on the lunatic fringe, ignoring the story or reporting on it with a wink and a nudge. But they weren’t always so dismissive of questions about constitutional eligibility and presidential birth certificates.

In the spring of 2008, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post all ran stories expressing doubt about Republican candidate John McCain’s eligibility for the Presidency, due to his birth in the Panama Canal Zone.

As Corsi wrote in a 2010 WorldNetDaily article:

Many of the same news organizations and research groups today dismissing concerns about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility were far more eager to cover the issue when Republican presidential candidate John McCain was the subject.

To paraphrase John Kerry, they were in favor of reporting on the birth issue before they were against it.

I don’t know that a long-form birth certificate would reveal anything controversial about President Obama. On the other hand, I don’t know why he refuses to release it.

But I do know that the news media is handling Democrat Barack Obama’s birth issue much differently than it handled Republican John McCain’s.

Why is that?


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April 22, 2011 at 9:57 am

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How to Measure Your Success

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If you live by someone else’s expectations, you’ll never achieve “success” – you’ll only find more and bigger and harder-to-attain expectations.

–Davy Kestens, How to Measure Your Success

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April 22, 2011 at 6:19 am

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Incompetence Is Color-Blind

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Chris Matthews talked with author Jimmy Breslin about his new biography of Branch Rickey, the Dodgers’ executive who brought Jackie Robinson to the Major Leagues. But it was really just another staged opportunity to label President Obama’s critics as… wait for it… racists:

MATTHEWS: Do you think…back to my question. Were the whites afraid of black competition? That’s why they kept blacks out of baseball for all those decades?

BRESLIN: Just because they’re black.

MATTHEWS: It was just racial prejudice.

BRESLIN: That’s plenty. You don’t need anything else. They’re against Obama. What are they against  Obama for?

MATTHEWS: That’s what I think, my friend. Thank you.

BRESLIN: It’s race.

Gregg Opelka at Big Journalism spews snark and vile, as expected, but eventually makes a key point:

We have plenty of reasons to oppose Obama that haven’t a damn thing to do with his pigmentation. And by the way, the last time I checked Marx, Lenin and Stalin were all white.

If Obamacare had been the signature legislation of a white man it would be no less oppressive and no less liberty-robbing—and no less destined for repeal. If the $850 billion stimulus bill had been signed by a white man it would have been no less a failure. If the unrelenting redistributionist hunger for government control over states and the civil society were the trademark of a white president, it would be no less hateful or harmful.

We gave Barack Obama the opportunity to lead our nation, even though it was clear to most of us that he had no clear qualifications for the job.

Unable to defend him with facts and accomplishments, Obama’s defenders can only attempt to discredit his critics.

President Obama has been found to be less than competent as our Chief Executive, and that has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

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April 20, 2011 at 8:03 am

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Manny Ramirez Retires After Third Positive Drug Test

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The New York Times reports that Manny Ramirez has retired:

Manny Ramirez retired from baseball Friday instead of facing a 100-game suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug, according to two people briefed on the matter.

This would be Manny’s third positive drug test result:

In 2009, he was suspended after his urine sample from spring training had elevated levels of testosterone. The New York Times reported later in 2009 that Ramirez was among the roughly 100 players who tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug in 2003, when testing was conducted on an anonymous survey basis.

The Tampa Bay Rays’ statement said “our fans and organization will carry on.” That shouldn’t be hard to do, considering that Manny had only 1 hit in 17 at-bats this season.

So, will Manny receive the same scorn that’s been heaped upon other steroid users? Or will the media wink and shrug this off as just “Manny being Manny”?

And how will Hall of Fame voters treat Manny when he shows up on ballots in five years? Will all those who refused to vote for Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro hold Manny to the same high standards?

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We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers

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Some disturbing facts from Stephen Moore in the Wall Street Journal:

More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined.

Today in America there are nearly twice as many people working for the government (22.5 million) than in all of manufacturing (11.5 million).

Every state in America today except for two—Indiana and Wisconsin—has more government workers on the payroll than people manufacturing industrial goods

As Moore says, we’ve become a nation of takers, not makers. And that’s a bad thing.

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April 1, 2011 at 8:34 am

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